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Water Dispute Leads to Mooning

(La Porte County, IN) - A dispute between neighbors in La Porte County resulted in a woman being mooned.


The mooning happened on Thursday in the 8600 block of West 125 South, according to the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office.


Police said a woman complained a neighbor was pumping water from his pond onto her property.


Upon arrival, an officer discovered the hose attached to the pump was on the man’s side of the property but the water was running onto the complainant’s property close to the foundation of her pole barn. In addition, the woman told police she was looking at the man through her sliding glass rear door when he noticed her. The woman alleged he began making a “humping” gesture toward her with his arms and hips.


She said he then turned around and dropped his pants then bent over with his buttocks exposed, according to police.


According to police, the man confessed and defended his behavior.


He said it is not his fault that she “watches him while he is on his property and should look away if she doesn’t want to see what he is doing." The man also said he was returning the woman’s storm water with the pump.


Authorities state he blamed construction of her pole barn for disrupting the natural water flow and causing it to run from her property onto his property.


The officer advised the woman to seek a protective order against the man if she feels she needs one.  The woman told investigators she also called police the previous day and they were able to get the man to stop pumping water onto her property.

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