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Lost or Found - Lost
Name of Pet - Dakota
Dakota is a Harlequin (black and white) spotted Male Great Dane Has a black/yellow reflective collar on. He’s a very big boy.

We live off of North Hwy 35 in between MC and LaPorte in the country

If found, contact

Shelli or Annalise Warnock



Lost or Found - Lost
Name of Pet - Handsome

Handsome is a three-year-old male cat. He is Siamese/Persian with long hair, a tanish/black face, a black tail, and blue eyes.

He was lost on Ridge/Maple on June 6.

Handsome is very skittish and will not come near anyone. 

A reward is being offered.

If found, contact:

(219) 851-4846 or (219) 786-5252


Lost or Found - Lost
Name of Pet - Pixie

Pixie is a mid-sized, timid, white, short-haired mixed-breed.

She is wearing a pink collar, and runs when approached.

She was last seen June 18th.

If found, contact:

(856) 433-1488


Lost or Found - Lost
Name of Pet - Ellie (previously Bonnie)

Ellie is a mid-sized German Shepard-mix

She is a recent shelter rescue, microchipped, and skittish.

She was last seen wearing a black collar at Luhr County Park.

If found, contact:



Lost or Found - Lost
Name of Pet - Fiona

Fiona is a female brown Great Dane, approximately 120 lbs.

She is extremely skittish and will most likely run if spotted.

She was last seen wearing a Marvel-themed collar in La Porte, near the high school.

If found, contact:

(219) 871-5024


Lost or Found - Found
Name of Pet - Thanos

Thanos is a 120lbs black-and-white Great Dane, with a black T or bird shape marking on the top white part of his neck.

He normally loves people, but had a seizure (first ever), became disoriented and scared, and ran away.

He was last seen wearing a red collar, at the corner of hwy 20 and 250E. in Rolling Prairie on 7/31 at about 8pm.

If found, contact:

(219) 369-7436


Lost or Found - Found
Name of Pet - Mimi

Mimi is a domestic, chubby short-haired cat with brown/carmel-colored fur, with a swing tummy.

She's shy and not equipped for the wild.

She was last seen running away from her family home the night of Saturday September 23rd, at Whispering Meadows Subdivision between Ohio St. and 4/104.

If found, contact:

(219) 214-3742

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