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COVID-19 Cases Remain Low

(La Porte County, IN) - COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, but it’s not nearly as big of a problem as it was several months ago.


Dr. Vidya Kora, a medical practitioner in Michigan City, said the number of hospitalizations remains very low. He said the vaccines and medications treating the virus are doing an excellent job in keeping a vast majority of people from becoming very sick.


“Considering where we were a couple of years ago with the pandemic, I think we have come a long way with COVID,” Kora said.

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, the seven-day average number of confirmed cases in La Porte County is 21.

Back to Prison for Meth Dealer

(La Porte, IN) - A man is heading back to prison for dealing drugs after being caught with a large amount of methamphetamine.


Torriano Anderson, 44, of South Bend, was given a six-year prison sentence Friday in La Porte Circuit Court.


According to court documents, Anderson was driving a vehicle occupied by a woman wanted on similar allegations. After parking outside a grocery store in the 700 block of East Lincolnway, the vehicle was surrounded by officers looking to take the woman into custody. Close to 30 grams of methamphetamine and a handgun were in the vehicle.


It was illegal for Anderson to have a firearm because of a past conviction for dealing cocaine out of St. Joseph County.


His passenger, Denise Lumpp, still has her charges of dealing in methamphetamine undecided in La Porte Circuit Court.

Abortion Rights Demonstration in La Porte

(La Porte, IN) - More than 100 people in downtown La Porte turned out for a demonstration against the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the constitutional right to an abortion.


The high court, on June 24, voted 6 to 3 to uphold Mississippi's Gestational Age Act and 5–4 to overrule Roe and Casey, the landmark case declaring abortion a right under the U.S. Constitution in 1973.


Two days later, the protest outside the courthouse was organized by Brianna Holzer, a 21-year-old LaPorte woman clinging to hope a majority of the justices would not follow through on their written judgment leaked to media members several weeks ago.


"I am quite emotional. I have cried quite a few times today because there was a little bit of hope in my mind that maybe, just maybe the U.S. would realize that people who have uteruses are actually human beings. We deserve rights. It's a little disheartening and quite angering," Holzer said.

The high court decision allows states to decide whether to ban or restrict abortion in their own jurisdictions. Holzer said her fear is abortion will be prohibited in Indiana, forcing women to travel across state lines to terminate their pregnancies.


The Indiana State Legislature is scheduled to meet in a special session on July 6 to begin crafting the state's abortion law.


Governor Eric Holcomb didn't specify what should be contained in the state's abortion law but said he is pro-life. He said the right to an abortion nationwide being overturned presents an opportunity to protect the sanctity of life further and "that's what we're going to do."


State Representative Jim Pressel (R) Rolling Prairie did not offer an opinion on any ban or restrictions the state should impose on abortion.


"It's too early to speculate on what form any legislation may take, butI'mm ready to go to work and look forward to having discussions with constituents and my fellow legislators about what this Supreme Court decision means for Indiana," Pressel said.

Holzer said she fears Indiana, being a primarily conservative state, will ban the practice, forcing women to travel across state lines to have the procedure. However, she disagrees with people who call abortion murder.


Holzer said late-term abortion rarely occurs, and she doesn't consider a fetus a human being in the very early stages of pregnancy.


"It's just a few cells clumped together in a woman's uterus and I just don't see how that can be murder," Holzer said.

Flyover for July 4 Parade

(La Porte, IN) - Military planes and a medical helicopter will fly over the parade route on the 4th of July in La Porte.


Dawn Zigler, one of the organizers of the parade drawing tens of thousands of people annually, said two A-10 Thunderbolt Warthogs from an Indiana National Guard base in Ft. Wayne were cleared last week to fly over the parade route.


A medical helicopter belonging to Lutheran Air out of South Bend will also take to the skies, something Zigler says the committee is excited to have. The flyover by the medical helicopter will kick off the parade scheduled to begin Monday at 10 a.m. 


Two A-10 Thunderbolt Warthogs will not be able to be here for the start of the parade because of flyovers booked in several other communities. The military planes are expected to fly over at 10:23 a.m.


Her sister, Joy Zigler, said the parade heading westbound on Lincolnway and J Street would feature more than 80 units. However, there's still time for an individual or organization to enter a unit in the parade assembled by the Kiwanis Club of La Porte.


Past parades have contained over 100 units, but the number this year is about the same as last year.


“It just makes for a very time-wise a nice parade, so it’s not going on too long, especially if it’s hot. We try to keep it interesting so you will want to stay for the whole thing,” Zigler said.

La Porte has also been declared the State Capital for the Day, an annual proclamation from the governor dating back several decades in LaPorte.


La Porte Mayor Tom Dermody said the long-running proclamation is well deserved given the community's support for veterans. The parade is also billed as the longest one in the state.  


"There's no better place in the State of Indiana to be on the 4th of July than the city of LaPorte," Dermody said.

Dermody said the fireworks show that night will be held at Clear Lake following a free patriotic concert by the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra at the nearby band shell of Fox Park.


"It's going to be a full day of events to remember our freedom and to thank those who fought for it," Dermody said.

Prison Sentence in Jail Attack

(La Porte, IN) - A Michigan City man has been sentenced for his role in a beating at the La Porte County Jail. The victim was a fellow inmate who suffered a collapsed lung and other injuries like a broken rib.


Kevin Crabb was given a six-year prison sentence Friday in La Porte Circuit Court and three years on probation after his release. 


Authorities said the 35-year-old Crabb allegedly started the beating by landing several blows to the head inside the victim’s jail cell in 2019.


The investigation shows another offender stomped on the victim’s rib cage. Two other inmates are believed to have played roles in the attack, leaving the victim unconscious.


According to court documents, the motive for the attack could have had something to do with the victim obtaining the cell phone number of the girlfriend of one of the inmates.


Court records show Crabb has a prior criminal history for crimes like robbery and drug dealing.

Vintage Racers Rattle Through La Porte County

(South Bend, IN) - About 150 vintage cars chugged through La Porte County this week as part of a unique long-distance road race.


The Hemmings Motor News Great Race covers ten states in nine days. Given the age of the cars, the race is not a matter of speed, but of mechanical endurance.


Teams from all over the U.S. and six foreign countries are participating. Over 160 cars started the race in Rhode Island, but at least ten had broken down by the time they pulled into South Bend for lunch Wednesday.


One of the near casualties was a 1918 American LeFrance driven by Jay Reinan of Ottertail County, Minnesota and his cousin Chris Brungardt of Fargo, North Dakota. Repairs are a constant on an old jalopy like theirs, and a second flat tire a few blocks away from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend nearly knocked them out of the race. “We had two flats and only one spare,” Reinan said as the pair frantically made repairs. “They used to say ‘race, repair, repeat;' and that’s what we’re doing. Yesterday we were having bearing problems, so we repacked all the bearings last night and tuned it up. Now we got tire problems.”


Reinan quickly admitted that they might not have made it out of the tire jam without local help. A fellow auto enthusiast happened to have an extra inner tube for his 1912 Rolls-Royce roadster. A representative of the Studebaker Museum paid for the repair work to be done at a local tire store. “We’ve been doing this nine years,” Reinan said as he torqued down the fixed wheel. “The Studebaker Museum is the top of our list as far as the amount of help we’ve gotten from anybody ever on the race. And just, the people here, everyone was just so helpful.”


Reinan said his car is loud and stinky, but not very fast by today’s standards. “We’ve had it up to about 70… before we chickened out,” Reinan said, as he and Brungardt shared a knowing laugh. According to Reinan, their bright yellow car, which resembles something from the opening scenes of Chitty Chity Bang Bang, started its automotive life as a fire truck. Somewhere along the way, a backyard gearhead turned it into a race car. “Whoever did it used hot rivets, “Reinan noted. “which means whoever it was had some blacksmithing skills.”


The cousins took off in a cloud of exhaust heading west through La Porte County. They hope to be crossing the finish line in Fargo, North Dakota sometime Sunday.

The SOUND OFF Podcast: Paladin, Inc.

(LAPORTE, INDIANA) - In this month's SOUND OFF nonprofit spotlight, Nate Loucks discussed services for persons with disabilities, seniors, and their families with Paladin CEO Steve Hobby and Development and Marketing Officer Melissa Bohacek.


In addition, they talked about Disability Pride Month, sexual and emotional abuse against people with disabilities, and the struggle with housing for those living with disabilities. Listen to the full episode below:


Michigan City Beaches Staffed for Safety

(Michigan City, IN) - First responders have an increased presence at beaches in Michigan City this year in the hopes of ensuring a safer summer for lake swimmers. The Michigan City Fire Department has taken the responsibility of overseeing the training of lifeguards at Washington Park Beach.


This summer, the beach is fully staffed after the city raised wages and offered paid training for lifeguards. And Indiana DNR officers are also now working with lifeguards on jet-ski rescues.


According to recent statistics put out by the Great Lakes Surg Rescue Project, 19 people have drowned in Lake Michigan so far this year. None of the drownings haven taken place in northern Indiana.


On Tuesday, rescuers responded to a possible drowning. Just after 6:00, Michigan City firefighters responded to a call about a possible victim described as a “drunk swimmer past the bouys.” On arrival it was found that the victim was out of the water and okay. Lifeguards were off duty at the time.

Grants Available for Michigan City Teachers

(Michigan City, IN) - The Unity Foundation of La Porte is inviting Michigan City area teachers to apply for grants to make learning and teaching more fun and rewarding.


There are three grant programs that benefit Michigan City public and private educators. They range from $400-500 apiece.


More than 1,000 Michigan City teachers have benefitted from the Unity Foundation grants since the mid-90s.


The application deadline is September. All La Porte teachers can also apply for a “Power for Good” grant. Those grant applications are due July 22.


For more information, contact Lauren Varga with the Unity Foundation.

Child Porn Traced to Michigan City Man

(Michigan City, IN) - A Michigan City man was taken into custody by Indiana State Police for possession of child pornography.


On Wednesday, police served a search warrant at the home of 50-year-old Scott A. Dailey in the 2700 block of Wozniak Road.


The investigation began with a tip received from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children regarding activities on Dailey’s social media account.


Dailey was taken to La Porte County Jail and, according to court records, posted bond Friday following an initial hearing.

Indiana to Craft Abortion Law Soon

(Indianapolis, IN) - People are now wondering what Indiana's abortion law will look like in response to the U.S. Supreme Court allowing states to decide.


Hoosiers should find out soon.


Governor Eric Holcomb said the state legislature would take up the matter during a special session beginning July 6.


Holcomb didn't specify what he felt the state's abortion law should be crafted but said he is pro-life, and there's an opportunity now to protect the sanctity of life further, and "that's what we're going to do."


State Representative Jim Pressel of Rolling Prairie did not offer an opinion on what he wanted the law to contain.


"It's too early to speculate on what form any legislation may take, but I'm ready to go to work and look forward to having discussions with constituents and my fellow legislators about what this Supreme Court decision means for Indiana," Pressel said.

Top Democrat Feels Abortion Should Remain a Right

(La Porte County, IN) - La Porte County Democratic Party Chairman Dr. Vidya Kora says he's not in favor of abortion personally but feels it should remain a choice.


The U.S. Supreme Court decided today to overturn Roe vs. Wade, a law enacted in 1973 that gave women the Constitutional right to an abortion.


Kora, who has a medical practice in Michigan City, said as a medical doctor, he feels abortion should be kept to a minimum. However, he feels women should have the choice given the various factors that go into such a decision, like one's faith and the health of the mother and unborn child.


"It's a decision that should be left to the individual, their families in consultation with their physicians and their faith. It's very private, and it's a very difficult decision some families have to make," Kora said.

Kora also said the decision is a case of government overreach.


"For the government to intrude into this when there was an established law that was there for 50 years, I don't think it was a good thing for the country. It is very divisive, and I'm frankly disappointed," he said.

Reports indicate that half of the American states could impose severe restrictions on abortion, limiting a woman's right to choose. Kora is concerned Indiana's abortion law will similarly be too restrictive because Republicans largely control the state. 

Pastor Agrees with Supreme Court Ruling

(La Porte, IN) - A local pastor agrees with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the 50-year-old ruling that gave women the Constitutional right to an abortion.


Dennis Meyer of Bethany Lutheran Church said it's up to the states under the governing rules of the country to decide certain matters like abortion.


"We live in a Federalist system, and that means the national government decides some things and states decide other things," Meyer said.

Meyer also said the ruling does not outlaw abortion. People will still have a right to exercise their choice in states that allow the procedure. Meyer also said he believes in the sanctity of life and that there are better options than abortion, such as adoption.


"I know there are a lot of families that I have worked with over the years that have had infertility issues that would love to be able to adopt a child," Meyer said.

Roe vs Wade Overturned

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling establishing the constitutional right to abortion. The decision this morning was 6 to 3.


It’s up to the states now to decide their own abortion laws. Reports indicate nearly half the states are expected to outlaw or severely restrict abortion. However, other states plan to maintain more liberal rules governing the termination of pregnancies. 


The conservative justices representing a majority on the bench ruled the U.S. Constitution does not refer to abortion. Therefore, no such right is constitutionally protected.


The three liberal justices blasted the ruling. They wrote in the dissent: “the majority would allow States to ban abortion from conception onward because it does not think forced childbirth at all implicates a woman’s rights to equality and freedom.”

Minors with THC Vaping Ingredients Probe

(La Porte, IN) - La Porte officials have been in touch with high-ranking authorities downstate about vape stores possibly selling to minors.


An Indiana Attorney General's Office representative was at this week's city council meeting.


Mayor Tom Dermody reported there had been complaints of vaping ingredients containing THC being sold to minors without asking for ID, and police recently went to at least one of the Vape stores to look into the complaints. 


"The state police are overwhelmed right now. They don't have time to look at it," Dermody said.

Dermody also asked if the Indiana Attorney General's Office could get involved to investigate. IAG spokesman John Cannon said his office could work with the Indiana Secretary of State's Office to verify if there's any truth to the claims. He explained that the ISSO has the authority to revoke a business's license in violation of the law.


Cannon said another benefit is the knowledge Indiana Attorney Todd Rokita would bring since he was once the Indiana Secretary of State.


"I'm sure we have someone of our 400 attorneys that can tell us which avenue to go through," Cannon said.

Dermody said a police officer's marijuana sensing device once went off numerous times in a school bathroom. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.

Flag Man Recognized Again by City

(La Porte, IN) - Jim Roy has provided the flags In La Porte's downtown area this time of year for more than two decades.


Roy was thanked and then called up to say a few words by Mayor Tom Dermody during this week's La Porte City Council meeting. He then had his picture taken with Dermody, members of the city council, and other city officials.


"I do this to make everybody feel good. When you drive down the road, and if you don't feel good, then that's your problem. That's why I do it," Roy said.

Roy buys all the flags and hardware to hang them on light poles. The city installs the flags before the Fourth of July. He started doing it in response to the terrorist attacks on the nation in 2001.


One year, Roy spent $7,500 for 700 nylon flags along with poles and other hardware like brackets needed to hang them on light posts on both sides of the streets. But, he said he's willing to pay the price to show support for the nation and the freedoms veterans like his father helped achieve and defend.


Roy is the owner of The Floor Store on Boyd Boulevard. He once was given the keys to the city for his patriotic efforts. 

Absent Molester Grabbed in Tennessee

(La Porte, IN) - David Powers, II, didn’t show up for his child molesting trial in La Porte Circuit Court, but the trial was held anyway, and a jury of his peers found him guilty.


A few weeks later, the suspect was taken into custody in eastern Tennessee. Powers, 50, will be returned to La Porte County at some point soon to be sentenced. He’s currently being held in the Rhea County Jail between Chattanooga and Knoxville.


The guilty verdict was rendered in May, and a bench warrant for his arrest by Judge Tom Alevizos was issued.


La Porte County Sheriff John Boyd said Powers contacted the sheriff’s office on June 4 and, during a more-than-one-hour conversation with a jail officer, was arrested by authorities in Tennessee.


Boyd wasn’t sure why Powers contacted local authorities, but some fugitives turn themselves in to relieve the stress and paranoia caused by not knowing if police were about to grab them.


“Perhaps he was tired from looking over his shoulder,” Boyd said.

According to court documents, Powers molested the 12-year-old daughter of a woman he was living with outside La Porte.


Powers, who was most recently living near Portage, was last seen in the courtroom for a hearing about a week before the trial but never showed up to face the jury.

Sleeping But Still Charged with OWI

(La Porte County, IN) - He allegedly drank potentially lethal amounts of alcohol and fell asleep in a gas station parking lot behind the wheel.


57-year-old Ronald Lamparski is charged with operating while intoxicated. According to La Porte County Police, Lamparski was parked Sunday afternoon with his engine running at the Speedway station at U.S. 35 and U.S. 20. His Cadillac SUV was facing the wrong way at an exit.


Police said the officer kept knocking on the driver's side window until he woke up. Two coolers containing cans of Miller Lite and possibly other alcoholic beverages were found in the vehicle. 


The Florida man had a blood alcohol level close to five times the legal .08-percent limit. "Probable cause" based on Lamparski's driving was established when he revealed having two beers in Crown Point.


There were no other passengers in the vehicle, police said.   

Pioneer Land Ready for First Fair without Founder

(La Porte, IN) - The over 100 volunteers at Pioneer Land seem up to the task of making the popular 1800's style village come to life again without their leader during the upcoming La Porte County Fair.


Dick Reel, the driving force behind creating Pioneer Land and becoming a major attraction, passed away in February. He was 74.   

Dana Conboy, the new person in charge of what many people consider a magical place, said the challenge is daunting. The Wanatah woman is not backing away, though, because she promised Reel that she would be his successor.


Conboy, a volunteer at Pioneer Land for about the past ten years, said she accepted Reel's offer to carry on with his dream, thinking she'd have a couple of years to learn from him. But instead, she had to dive in when his passing came much sooner than expected.


“It was something I owed him because I gave him my word that I would be there for him. So, now, we’ll just get through it. It’ll be learning, but it’ll be fun,” Conboy said.

Conboy said all the volunteers committed to Pioneer Land succeeding for years had assisted her during a sometimes heavy-hearted transition.


She said the help has come from people involved in constructing the buildings down to volunteer workers in areas like the blacksmith shop, general store, one-room schoolhouse, and log cabin.


Long-time volunteers like Carl Schultz, Merle Miller, and Ron Schafer have also taken leadership roles.


Conboy said Reel's wife, Mary, also gave her the master plan for the village and all of the notes detailing the history of Pioneer Land taken by her late husband over the years.


“Everybody misses Dick, and that makes it kind of difficult, but it also makes it good for all of us to kind of go forward together,” Conboy said.

Reel realized his vision for Pioneer Land as a place where people and families come together in a more laid-back setting and have fun or talk. Toys and games made of wood and other old-fashioned materials are especially popular.  


So far, Miller said things have been more hectic than usual, from volunteers not realizing until recently everything that needs completing to keeping the village strong.


“Dick, of course, did an awful lot of stuff out at Pioneer Land. Stuff that people didn’t know he did. We really counted on him for a lot of things,” Miller said.

Pioneer Land was open as usual during the spring for annual tours by local school children. The village is now being prepared to operate as always during the fair.


Miller said the work is getting accomplished, though, because of the love and determination in their hearts for Pioneer Land. He said not one volunteer has ever been paid since Pioneer Land was established in 1995 with the log cabin.


The log cabin and 13 other buildings that came later were paid for entirely with donations of money and labor, along with dollars from fundraisers. Charitable contributions and fundraisers also pay for ongoing maintenance. No admission has ever been charged.


“That’s the coolest thing about Pioneer Land. We’ve done it all with volunteers and these hands,” Miller said.

After the fair, the focus will be on school tours during the fall and preparing Pioneer Land for the annual Christmas open house. Several thousand people usually come during the first weekend of December.


Many first-time visitors have made going there a tradition, including a woman taken to the hospital to deliver her baby after she began having labor pains during a holiday visit to the grounds.


“Now, she brings that baby back every year at Christmas,” Conboy said.

Dick Reel was also a retired Purdue Extension educator who spent many years working with youth in the 4-H program.


Conboy became a volunteer at Pioneer Land after Reel and another volunteer, Pete Jensen, began teaching her son about woodworking when he was still in grade school. Their connection to Reel and his wife blossomed into a friendship.


“Since we’ve lost him, a lot of people have come out and said he did this for me. He made this difference in my life. It’s a legacy that he left behind that I’m just going to do my best to honor,” Conboy said.

The LaPorte County Fair runs from July 9-16. The annual Ham and Bean dinner run by volunteers serving hundreds of meals on the grounds to raise money for Pioneer Land is scheduled for July 10. Volunteers will also have their annual fundraising auction on the fair's last day.


"In my mind, it's just a matter of carrying on who he was and what he wanted Pioneer Land to be," Conboy said.

Victim in Fatal Dump Truck Crash Identified

(La Porte County, IN) - A Michigan City woman was killed yesterday in a head-on collision with a dump truck. The victim is identified as 32-year-old Ricquelle Wren.


La Porte County Police said Wren veered over the center line in her car on State Road 39 near County Road 400 South and struck the oncoming dump truck head-on.


The driver of the dump truck, 68-year-old Mark Chizum of Mishawaka, was taken to a hospital with an upper-body injury.


Both lanes of State Road 39 were closed for about four hours after the crash, just before 10 a.m.


Whether alcohol or drugs had anything to do with the crash is pending the results of a toxicology test.

Michigan City Gearing Up for Independence Day

(Michigan City, IN) - Michigan City is getting ready to host three Independence Day celebrations.  


The Kiddie Parade will return to the Uptown Arts District on Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM. According to the mayor’s office, this year’s Kiddie Parade theme is “Red, White, Blue & You” and will feature youth in the community showing their civic pride.


The annual Patriotic Parade scheduled for July 2nd at 11 AM will be on Franklin Street from 10th Street to Ames Field. The parade will feature floats, bands, and a wide variety of local organizations showing pride and patriotism. “United We Stand!” is the theme of this year’s city parade.


The festivities will end on July 4th with fireworks at Washington Park.

Plea for Drivers to Pay Attention

(La Porte, IN) - Drivers are urged to pay attention after a few close calls with La Porte street maintenance crews.


Code Enforcement Director Jeff Batchelor said the crews were out early Monday morning striping streets in the downtown area. The work occurred well before sunrise when drivers were not out in large numbers.   


However, Batchelor said three vehicles that morning nearly hit a blinking arrow sign marking the work zone and crew members.


“That’s totally unacceptable. It’s just people not paying attention to what’s going around on them. Please take your time,” Batchelor said.

Batchelor also revealed water department workers in a trench below the ground surface have also had vehicles coming within too close of a distance to them.


“There’s reasons why there’s signs up. Please follow them because it’s for everybody’s safety,” Batchelor said.

Mayor Tom Dermody asked drivers to stay off their cell phones while operating their vehicles. “We got kids out. It’s summertime,” he said.

Highway Closed by Fatal Dump Truck Collision

(La Porte County, IN) - A stretch of state highway is closed following a fatal collision between a dump truck and passenger vehicle late this morning outside La Porte. 


The crash occurred on Indiana 39 near 400 South. Both lanes of the two-lane highway are closed from Joliet Road to 400 South.


La Porte County Police Captain Derek Allen said the highway would be closed for an extended period to allow officers to safely investigate the crash and the accident scene to be cleaned up.


"We're asking travelers to take an alternate route," Allen said. 


The dump truck was off the road in a wooded area while investigators combed the accident scene. La Porte County Coroner Lynn Swanson said the victim's name would be released once they determined the identity and notified next of kin about the death. 


La Porte County Police are releasing no further specifics about the collision because of the ongoing investigation. However, HTNN will provide more details as they're made available.

Evading Police Attempt Fails

(La Porte, IN) - A 20-year-old man caught speeding stepped on the gas pedal even further to try and evade a La Porte County Police officer. Instead of outrunning the police, he wound up in jail.


Police said the suspect was clocked at 75 miles per hour on U.S. 35 in the Kingsford Heights area and then tried losing the officer. The officer was up to 118 miles per hour but still gaining no ground on the southbound Indy 500-like driver. After a few miles, the officer finally pulled the car over.


Maung Aye told officers he was trying to get back home in Ft. Wayne and acted like he didn’t do anything wrong. Aye was arrested for resisting law enforcement and reckless driving.

Alcohol Cited as Factor in Train Collision

(La Porte, IN) - A woman drove into a train between Westville and Wanatah after consuming a lot of alcohol. She is now charged with operating while intoxicated by the LaPorte County Police. 


31-year-old Mallory Yzaguirre apparently drove around a car waiting for the train to pass, then crashed into the train at the Canadian National Railroad crossing on U.S. 421 at 860 South.


Yzaguirre explained to the police that she was traveling from her home in Bloomington to visit her parents in Chesterton. Yzaguirre claimed to have had one beer, but her alleged blood alcohol level was over three times the .08-percent legal limit.


Fortunately, the woman was not injured.

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