The Weather Center - Apr 2021

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The HometownNewsNow Weather Center


Lake Michigan produces a huge impact on weather patterns in La Porte County. This "Lake Effect" weather can be erratic and wildly different at any given time, depending on where you are in the county. It takes a meteorologist who is highly trained and experienced with Lake Effect weather to accurately predict the forecast.


For 25 years, families have across La Porte County have relied on 96.7 The Eagle, and Meteorologist Wayne Mahar, to provide accurate information on how the weather would impact the day in their neighborhood. 


The Hometown New Now Weather Center is your 24-hour Weather Leader with up-to-the-minute updates on both 96.7 The Eagle and Rock 106.5.  The HometownNewsNow Weather Center is also expanded to both the 96.7 The Eagle and Rock 106.5 Facebook pages to share weather warnings.

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