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Board President Clarifies Stance on Schreiber Field

(La Porte, IN) - Schreiber Field in La Porte is not going anywhere any time soon and could very well be here for a long time.


That’s according to La Porte School Board President Jim Arnold, who recently cast seeds of doubt on the future of the prestigious high school baseball field named after the late legendary coach Ken Schreiber.


Last week, Arnold said a new field house that might be needed for the athletic program at the high school could be placed at either Schreiber Field or Kiwanis Field since there’s no other land available around the high school in a residential neighborhood.


Arnold said Kiwanis Field needs to be renovated but questioned whether a considerable sum of money should be spent on preserving the aging facility.

If Kiwanis Field is renovated at some point, Arnold said relocating Schreiber Field is another option to at least examine for placement of a new or expanded field house.


Today, Arnold emphasized what he previously stated was just an idea and there has been no talk about a new or expanded field house or relocating athletic facilities.  

“There are no discussions going on,” he said.


Arnold also said any talks regarding a field house and how that might impact Kiwanis Field or Schreiber Field is “sort of in the distant future if and when they’re ready to discuss it.”


“It isn’t happening right now so there really is no need for people to get alarmed,” he said.


Schreiber was head coach of seven state championship baseball teams in La Porte during his 38-years in the dugout.


He retired from coaching in 1998 with a record of 1,010 wins and 217 losses.



He died in 2017 at the age of 83. 

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