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Inspection to Reveal Condition of Courthouse

(La Porte, IN) - The county courthouse in downtown La Porte will be given a professional examination in response to concerns about the condition of the 1890’s structure.


La Porte County Commission President Joe Haney said problems with water in the basement have been allowed to linger under previous administrations.  An inspection has been ordered to find out if the water has caused any structural issues.

Haney went further, stating there are no obvious signs of major deterioration but that he feels it’s important to find out for certain for the short term and long term.


“We have to know for sure. We have to do our due diligence,” he said.


Haney asserts that properly maintaining the courthouse must be given high priority.


“That is such an historical building. It’s the seat of county government.  It’s what people see when they come here and it’s one of the most building courthouses in the state,” he said.


Courthouse renovation is planned once the financing of the recent expansion and renovation of the Michigan City courthouse is retired.  That could be 10-years or more from now or sooner depending on how fast purse string holders want to pay down the debt.


Haney said another reason for the inspection is to determine how long the La Porte courthouse renovation can wait before the work has to be done. 


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