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Charges in Officer Head Butting

(Michigan City, IN) - A Michigan City man could face prison time in connection with a police struggle loud enough for people to step away from their dinner tables to catch a glimpse.


Bryan Parish, 25, is charged in La Porte Superior Court 4 with Level 6 Felony Battery Against a Public Safety Official and other counts.


According to court documents, Parish was pulled over by Michigan City Police for traveling without headlights on January 5th.  Initially, Parish refused to step out of his vehicle then attempted to walk away while refusing orders to stop. He was taken to the ground by one of the officers, who was then head butted allegedly by Parish.


Police said he was placed in handcuffs but continued to struggle and during a pat down search a smoking pipe apparently used for drugs was found in one of his coat pockets.


Court documents also revealed that Parish kept yelling and kicking his feet even after customers at Holly’s Restaurant and Pub came outside to witness the commotion.  The amount of resistance was extensive enough to use a paddy wagon to transport him to the La Porte County Jail, police said.


Parish has a history of resisting law enforcement, police said.

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