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Man with Knife Alarms Neighborhood

(La Porte, IN) - People in a La Porte neighborhood are alarmed about a man caught on video holding a large knife outside a home.


The recording was made Monday night in the area of Tyler and Harrison streets.

In the video, the man holding a large knife walks up to a house and walks away a few seconds later.   The knife in his right hand looked threatening, obviously, but his actions did not seem violent.


It happened at the home of a woman watching TV Monday night when her security camera captured the man.  The woman later reviewed the video and went to the police the next day.


La Porte Police Chief Paul Brettin said investigators looked at the footage but were not able to identify the man.  He said no crime was committed but officers were informed to keep an eye out for the person.

“The information was passed on to everybody on patrol to watch for this type of activity,” he said.


The woman told police she has never seen the man before.  Brettin said a motive for such unusual behavior was not known.


He encouraged anyone who sees a stranger with a knife or some other weapon in front of their residence not to encounter such an individual.


“If this happens to yourself, don’t answer the door.  Call 911. I don’t think it’s something you want to open your door and confront.  Let us do that.  That’s what we’re trained for,” he said.


The man appears to be white and possibly in his 20’s, with a normal build.

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