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New Arcade Going: Full Tilt

(La Porte, IN) - A new arcade in La Porte has the antidote to cabin fever. Full Tilt Arcade has been open and steadily growing since October.


Co-owner Ben Konowitz says he and his business partner Ryan Hart got the idea for opening an arcade when their own pinball collections got a little out of hand. “We were about to get broken up with by our significant others if we put one more pinball machine in our homes. I had six, and I think he had five,” Konowitz said. “We were maybe going to call it the Break Even Arcade. I just wanted to break even so I could have a place to play my pinball machines.”


Since committing to the idea in June, Konowitz and Hart have been hitting estate sales and auctions. For their first batch of games, Konowitz said he flew to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, rented a box truck, and drove back to La Porte in one day.


Full Tilt Arcade is located at 701 N. Fail Road, an industrial area. It’s not exactly that place you remember from the mall, but Konowitz says it’s a hit with the kids. “It’s the old Fastenal building actually; it used to be a screw warehouse.” according to Konowitz. “And we were like, ‘How do we fill this darn thing and make it look like an arcade?’”


The answer is neon colors, bright lights, and lots of sound effects.


The front of the arcade features ticket redemption games like Skee-Ball and a prize counter, where playing credits can be purchased on reusable gaming cards. “When you turn the corner,” Konowitz said, “my goodness, the kids’ eyes, they go as big as saucers, they really do.”


The arcade includes everything from Pac Man to the latest in gaming, as well as basketball, air hockey, shooting games, and 22 pinball machines. “We’ve got 65 arcade games in here,” said Konowitz, “so it gets kind of ridiculous as far as the options."  At the back of the arcade, a party area offers tables and seating. Two different party packages are available for groups.


Full Tilt is generally open to the public Thursday through Sunday. You can check their Facebook page for specific days and times.

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