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Original Civic Auditorium Seats to be Replaced

(La Porte, IN) - The Civic Auditorium in La Porte will have all new seating next year.


Taking out the original seats is part of the plan to bring the near century old structure into the 21st century, said La Porte Park Department Superintendent Mark Schreiber.


Schreiber said more events are being held there now and they want people to be comfortable by replacing the narrow seats that don’t have padding with wider ones that include padding.


“Americans are wider than we used to be so you need a wider space.  You need a place to put your drink cup.  These will have little cup holders.  We want people to come for a two-to-three-hour concert without walking back with a crick in their back,” he said.


Some people might think replacing the original seats will take away from the historic experience at the Civic Auditorium. In this case, however, Schreiber said the present takes priority over the past.


“We love the past of the Civic. We have to make sure the Civic is viable for the next 50-plus years,” he said.


Schreiber said the main level is also going to be air-conditioned next year for the first time so more events can be scheduled in the summer, while also revealing the old seats will be available for people to purchase. 

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