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Worthy Women Thankful for Second Chances

(La Porte, IN) - At the Worthy Women Recovery Home in La Porte, Thanksgiving happens every day.  Founded by Sonshine Troche, Worthy Women is a faith-based residential facility for women overcoming pasts of criminal activity or drug abuse.


Troche says that combating addiction and bad habits has never been harder, but her organization keeps fighting the good fight. “It’s amazing we’re still in existence here after six-and-a-half years of being privately funded,” she said. “It seems like whenever something gets good, then something gets hard again. We just stand strong through it all and keep trusting God.”


One of their recent success stories is Michelle Postawa, who graduated from the program herself and is now the administrative assistant. She says, thanks to Worthy Women, she now has a new relationship with her own mother and with God. “It’s been great! It’s really the first time I’ve ever had a job I could move up in and learn so much from,” she said. “I love spending time with the residents and being able to teach them the stuff that I’ve learned— like cleaning, cooking, and Jesus, most of all.”


Recently the home has parted ways with a few residents who just wouldn’t toe the line. “They come here, and they say that they want to know God; they say they want to change,” Troche said. “but they don’t really want to change. They do with their mouth, but not with their heart.”


According to Troche, old habits are indeed hard to break. “It’s the criminal mindset. They’ve been in jail, in prison, doing drugs for the last twenty years. And trying break that in six months is difficult. We get some of the tougher cases, that’s for sure. But we’re not going to quit.”


Presently the home has one young woman from Jasper County in the program.


The annual Worthy Women banquet is next Saturday, December 3rd at the Silver Palace in La Porte. Troche says it will involve both fundraising and education. Following a documentary presentation detailing what goes on at Worthy Women, attendees will be invited to ask questions about the recovery process to a panel of experts. “I think it will really open up people’s minds to the reality of recovery,” Troche said.


For more information about the Worthy Women program or their upcoming banquet, visit worthyrecovery.net.

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