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Two OWI Suspects Nabbed at Once

(La Porte County, IN) - Two drivers were arrested for being impaired during the same traffic stop.


La Porte County Police said two eastbound drivers were exceeding the speed limit on Indiana 2 near the fairgrounds Saturday night.


Deputy William Masterson turned around and was catching up to the vehicles when both drivers abruptly turned on Zigler Road toward the entrance to the fairgrounds, police said. 


After stopping, Joshua Ivey squealed the tires on his Chevy Impala but was quickly stopped by the officer with his overhead lights flashing.


Police said another driver, Matthew Neubert, slowly pulled up to the officer in his 2001 Ford Ranger pick-up truck.


Ivey, 23, of La Porte, and Neubert, 32, of Portage, were charged with operating while intoxicated. They had similar blood alcohol levels below two times the .08-percent legal limit.


According to police, both drivers were clocked at about 66 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour zone before being chased down by the officer.

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