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Highway Collision with Airborne Sheet of Drywall

(La Porte County, IN) - A La Porte County woman was shaken up from a scary collision with an oncoming, airborne sheet of drywall.


57-year-old Lisa Ludlow was westbound on Route 6 near Union Mills at about 8 a.m. on Friday, according to La Porte County Police. Suddenly, a sheet of drywall flew out of a utility trailer pulled by an eastbound SUV.


Police said a tow truck was called for Ludlow’s Chevy Silverado due to the damage.


Fortunately, the Union Mills woman was not injured, but she was rattled by the collision, which happened in the blink of an eye.


“It was a split second, and it was so fast that you see the road, and then the next thing you don’t see the road, and this white piece of something is coming at you. It shook me up pretty good,” Ludlow said.

Ludlow sheds light on the damage to her vehicle.


“I knocked part of my bumper off. It dented my hood, my front fender. Caved my driver’s side windshield in. There was glass all inside the vehicle,” Ludlow said.

Ludlow said winds were gusty at the time, but the sheet of drywall was not secured to the trailer.


According to police, the other driver, John Rosenbaum of Union Mills, stopped and waited for police. He was not ticketed.


The drywall flew out despite each side of the trailer having high guard rails.

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