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Alleged Drug Mule Nabbed Locally

(La Porte County, IN) - Enough marijuana to keep a village of users stoned for a while was snared by La Porte County Police.


The alleged drug mule, Colton Kise, 24, is charged in La Porte Circuit Court with dealing in marijuana as a level 5 felony.


According to court documents, the man was pulled over for failing to use his turn signals while changing lanes to pass vehicles on October 8 on the Indiana Toll Road near Rolling Prairie.


During a traffic stop, Deputy Wade Wallace observed numerous brand new-looking duffel bags in the back seat, along with a duffel bag on the floor and a backpack on the passenger seat, according to court documents.


Kise explained he was returning from a three-day trip to Illinois. The officer felt it was odd to have so many duffel bags for such a short trip and became even more suspicious at the driver's right hand shaking badly. The officer became even more suspicious when the driver revealed he was unemployed, and a receipt disclosed the cost of renting the vehicle was $1,700.


According to court documents, the investigation revealed Kise caught a flight to Oregon to transport the marijuana in the vehicle to his home state of Pennsylvania in return for a cash payment. Kise explained it was his first attempt at being a drug mule.


Court documents revealed all of the marijuana in the duffel bags and more found in the car's trunk weighed 245 pounds.


Kiser could face anywhere from a one to six-year sentence.

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