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Investigation of St. Joseph County Clerk Heats Up

(St. Joseph County, IN) - An investigation into possible election tampering in St. Joseph County now involves multiple levels of authority.


In July, the Indiana State Police confirmed that they were investigating St. Joseph County Clerk Rita Glenn for not properly securing a ballot storage room. Republican Party leaders allege that Glenn, a Democrat, had distributed multiple keys to a ballot storage area without their knowledge. State law calls for a two-lock system overseen by one representative of each political party.


Recently scrutiny of Glenn's activities has increased. Surveillance footage has come to light showing Glenn entering a locked ballot room with a bag, then soon after leaving the room and emptying the contents of the bag into a trash can. The video was time stamped the day before the May Primary.


The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office confirmed to HTNN that they are aware of the situation and are awaiting findings from the police investigation.


In the meantime, St. Joseph County Commissioners this week passed a resolution to conduct their own investigation. In a press release (excerpted below) they outlined multiple alleged irregularities in the Clerk’s handling of ballots that may have violated several state laws.


1. Violations of Indiana Code § 3-11-10-10 which delineates the process for storing absentee ballots.

2. Violations of Indiana Code § 3-11.5-4-(1-28) which specifically state the duties of the Clerk’s office, Election Board, the absentee voter board, and absentee workers in relation to the processing of absentee ballots.

3. Beverly Shelton, who pled guilty to Forgery and Falsely Making a Petition in 2012 in relation to St. Joseph County elections, was hired as an absentee ballot worker.

4. Video evidence of Rita Glenn, the elected St. Joseph County Clerk, disposing of materials after leaving the ballot storage room without a Republican present.

5. The St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners has received information that absentee ballots were removed from the secure ballot storage room the night before the May 2022 primary election by the Clerk’s office for “processing” after the appointed republican and appointed democrat Election Board members had left.

The Board is aware that the Indiana State Police are investigating unidentified criminal issues with the Clerk’s office and the handling of the ballots. The Board’s independent review is not intended to address possible criminal actions (although if criminal activity is uncovered, it would be reported immediately to the ISP). The intent is to ensure that the ballot processing procedures are in compliance with the letter of Indiana law.


Glenn’s lawyer, who is being paid to defend her by St. Joseph County, says there were no ballots in the storage room at the time she is seen removing contents.

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