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Appeal of Failed Recall Effort Submitted

(New Buffalo, MI) - The failed recall attempt in New Buffalo has been formally challenged, but whether the outcome changes remains to be seen.


Eleven signed and notarized affidavits were filed Monday with the Berrien County Clerk’s Office. The affidavits are from people whose signatures were ruled invalid, a decision leaving recall petitioners six signatures short of the 212 valid signatures required to trigger a recall vote in November.


The people in the affidavits testified that the thrown-out signatures were from them.


88 of the 294 signatures submitted on August 5 were thrown out primarily for not matching the signatures on their voter registration cards and signees not being registered to vote in the city.


The petitioners want Mayor John Humphrey and Councilman Brian Flanagan removed halfway through their four-year term for supporting a cap and other restrictions on short-term rentals.


The Berrien County Clerk’s Office could not be reached for comment on whether the affidavits will be reviewed and results possibly adjusted.


Supporters of the recall effort claim the signed and notarized affidavits conform with the requirements of Michigan Election law.


“It would be a blatant disregard of taxpayer rights if Berrien County officials ignored these signatures,” said Michael Davis, who’s helping to lead the effort for a recall.

Humphrey said he seriously doubts if the affidavits will be given merit, citing a letter he received on August 12 from the clerk’s office about the number of signatures thrown out.


“The county sent us what we were told was their final determination,” Humphrey said.

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