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Partner of Half Naked Policeman Charged

(Michigan City, IN) - Public indecency charges have been filed against the alleged sexual partner of a La Porte Police officer who resigned following his arrest connected to their encounter.  Adina Swanson of Michigan City was charged with the Class A misdemeanor offense on Monday.


Allegedly, she was with Brandon Wilkerson when a Trail Creek Police officer spotted a man outside the open door of a pick-up around 6 a.m. on Friday having what appeared to be sexual intercourse in the parking lot of Evergreen Plaza.


According to court documents, the man - later identified as Wilkerson - and Swanson were face to face with each other.  Wilkerson was naked from the waist down, police said.


Police said the woman was sitting in the driver's seat with her pants around her waist seemingly unbuckled.  "She had her hands on her lap in a manner that led me to believe her pants were not secure and she was concealing that fact with her hands and loose fitting clothing," said Trail Creek Town Marshal Steve Dick in his report.  


Wilkerson, 35, was immediately arrested and charged with Class A misdemeanor public indecency and Class B misdemeanor public intoxication.


Swanson, who also appears to be in her 30’s, did not have any alcohol in her system, police said.  She was allowed to go until prosecutors reviewed the findings and decided whether to pursue charges against her.


Wilkerson was placed on five days of automatic suspension and later resigned from the department he joined in 2013.  He was off duty at the time and using his personal vehicle, said La Porte Police Chief Paul Brettin.


In June, Wilkerson received the “Medal of Distinguished Service” for safely disarming a man who walked outside and pointed a loaded rifle at officers during a domestic dispute.


Swanson could face up to one year in jail, while both counts against Wilkerson carry a maximum 18-month sentence.

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