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Current Border Location Seems Accurate

(La Porte County, IN) - There appears to be no need to adjust the Indiana-Michigan border.


The border for the past months is being examined to see if it’s still in line with the original boundaries.


La Porte County Surveyor Tony Hendricks has been among the professionals venturing into areas like wetlands and brush, locating markers of the border from 200 years ago. The work includes checking the deeds on properties along the border to ensure the coordinates listed on those documents don’t vary from the historic location of the state line.


“They’re physically looking at anything they can find. Fence posts, trees, stones, iron pipes, any kind of marker that has been there since anyone can remember,” Hendricks said.

Right now, Hendricks said no changes in the location of the border appear to be needed, at least in La Porte County.


“They have not found any evidence that it changed demonstrably. It might be an inch or two there, but it hasn’t been feet,” Hendricks said.

Hendricks said whether there would be any changes to the border won’t be known for sure until the information collected is analyzed. He said the analysis is underway and could take a few years to complete.


Both states commissioned the study to make sure no changes are necessary, and the new border location data is stored digitally for much easier reference in the future.

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