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Walorski Visits La Porte to Promote New Legislation

(La Porte, IN) - U.S. Representative Jackie Walorski visited La Porte City Hall Tuesday morning. She spoke at the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.


Walorski stopped by to thank first responders for their efforts and to address a problem they face every day. Walorski is proposing legislation in Washington that may help families of someone who overdoses on fentanyl. Her bill will allow such families to sue producers of the poisonous synthetic drug, which are primarily in foreign countries."The raw ingredient is coming from China, as we know," Walorski said. "It's not a secret. It's coming right into Mexico; they're putting it together. And it's coming right over an open, fluid border that nobody is controlling."


Her propoed bill will also empower states' atorneys general to file lawsuits on behalf of victims' groups against foreign producers of fentanyl. "This is not a cure-all, end-all type of a thing," Walorski said, "but at least it's something-- to stand up and say as a nation, and as a community, we are not going to take this anymore."


Walorski said she hopes the bill will receive consideration when the U.S. House reconvenes in January.

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