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Minors with THC Vaping Ingredients Probe

(La Porte, IN) - La Porte officials have been in touch with high-ranking authorities downstate about vape stores possibly selling to minors.


An Indiana Attorney General's Office representative was at this week's city council meeting.


Mayor Tom Dermody reported there had been complaints of vaping ingredients containing THC being sold to minors without asking for ID, and police recently went to at least one of the Vape stores to look into the complaints. 


"The state police are overwhelmed right now. They don't have time to look at it," Dermody said.

Dermody also asked if the Indiana Attorney General's Office could get involved to investigate. IAG spokesman John Cannon said his office could work with the Indiana Secretary of State's Office to verify if there's any truth to the claims. He explained that the ISSO has the authority to revoke a business's license in violation of the law.


Cannon said another benefit is the knowledge Indiana Attorney Todd Rokita would bring since he was once the Indiana Secretary of State.


"I'm sure we have someone of our 400 attorneys that can tell us which avenue to go through," Cannon said.

Dermody said a police officer's marijuana sensing device once went off numerous times in a school bathroom. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.

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