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No Green Thumb on Trespassing Cows

(La Porte County, IN) - Early Monday, a La Porte County Police officer was called to the 7100 block of South 1150 West after a Westville area woman with spring fever had her hard day’s work ruined by some trespassing cows.


Various plants and flowers were trampled on and eaten. Planters and lawn ornaments were knocked over. There were also plenty of cow pies on paver stones and other forms of landscaping in the woman’s yard. An officer spotted two cows still grazing in the darkness on the victim’s property upon arrival.


66-year-old Susan Karlock told officers she worked all day Sunday putting the plants and flowers in the soil only to see the ruins by cows wandering over from her neighbor’s property.


Police said contact was made with the owner to retrieve his cows. Only flimsy PVC-style fencing ran along the border of the two properties.

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