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Governor Signs No Gun Permit Law

(Indianapolis, IN) - People 18 and over will be able to carry a gun without a permit in Indiana. Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill yesterday approved by most Republican lawmakers in the statehouse, including local State Representative Jim Pressel and State Senator Mike Bohacek. 


Holcomb signed the bill despite heavy opposition from law enforcement which believes it will lead to more gun violence and increase the safety risk to police officers. Supporters say requiring a permit infringed on an individual's second amendment right to carry a firearm.


The law, taking effect on July 1, prohibits convicted felons and people with dangerous mental illnesses from having a gun.


La Porte County Prosecutor John Lake said the measure would lead to more shootings and encourage criminals to have guns. LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd also didn't believe the bill would lead to safer communities or law enforcement engagements. Boyd said on an episode of 96.7 the Eagle's SOUND OFF that there are people who file for permits each year that do not know they are unable to carry a firearm legally. 

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