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Prosecutor Looking into Possible Corruption

(LaPorte, IN) - The LaPorte County Prosecutor’s Office is looking into possible government corruption.


A grand jury has been selected that will investigate various allegations of wrongdoing in local government, among other legal matters.


As a guest on 96.7 the Eagle’s Sound Off on Friday, County Prosecutor John Lake said one reason for the investigation is to address allegations that have yet to be substantiated. “For the first time in twenty-five years, we impaneled a grand jury,” he said. “We’re going to be addressing some of these issues and claims of corruption in government. You know, I’m disturbed that people keep claiming this stuff, and they say they have evidence, but they don’t want to bring it to me. So we’re going to move forward on that and take a look, a deep dive, to see if there’s anything there. And we’ll proceed with proper charges if the jury decides that.”


As the investigation is now underway, Lake could not comment on specifics.  Lake said his office intended to impanel a grand jury two years ago to investigate some cold cases and other matters that do not involve government corruption. The pandemic, however, thwarted those plans. In the meantime, political accusations have reached a boiling point. According to Lake, the finger-pointing by various government officials has become a hot-button issue which can no longer be overlooked.


The grand jury is a panel of citizens selected at random by a judge to meet periodically to hear testimony and review evidence. The current grand jury has been impaneled for a three-month period.


Lake is encouraging anyone with evidence of government wrongdoing to come forward. “If anyone has evidence of corruption and would like to testify before the grand jury, then they should contact Investigator Tony McClintock at the Prosecutor’s Office,” Lake said in statement. “All testimony before a grand jury is confidential and will not be disclosed, so that should hopefully reduce any fear of reprisal for testifying. Witnesses’ identities will be protected during this process.”

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