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Pastor Wishes Hell on Putin

(La Porte, IN) - Many Ukrainians are hoping for the death of the Russian dictator, but a local clergyman says there’s an even more deserving price Vladimir Putin should pay.


Bethany Lutheran Church Pastor Dennis Meyer said people should pray for things to get better for the people in Ukraine and new leadership in Russia. But, he also said it might be best to let God work out the specifics.


“When it comes to praying, I’m not sure if it’s right to pray for a bullet through his head, but I certainly think it’s appropriate to pray for the overthrown of that regime,” Meyer said.

When asked if God would look favorably at Putin being assassinated, Meyer said, “I think when it comes to praying for the death of your enemies, maybe what we should pray for is the Lord to take him to where he belongs by whatever means necessary.”


When asked where Putin belongs, Meyer said, “he belongs in hell.”


Meyer also felt the U.S. should take more of a leadership role in negotiating a settlement that leads to peace between the two countries.


“It seems a lot like we’re following,” Meyer said.

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