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Ban on Russian Oil Applauded Locally

(La Porte, IN) - A local clergyman applauded President Biden’s decision to stop importing oil from Russia.


Pastor Dennis Meyer of Bethany Lutheran Church in La Porte says a line to be drawn given the human suffering and devastation Vladimir Putin is inflicting in Ukraine. Meyers said continuing to purchase oil from Russia and helping fund the military onslaught on Ukraine goes beyond unspeakable.


“It’s a matter of ethics, and I would say the same is true with trying to get oil from Iran or Venezuela. We have to urge our government to be responsive to ethical issues and do the right thing,” Meyer said.

Meyer said the right thing has to be done even if there’s a price to pay here at home.


“It might cost us, but there are things we can do to mitigate those problems,” he said.

President Biden warned the rising cost of gas would go higher from banning oil imports from Russia. Still, things are being worked on to combat the price at the pumps, including importing more gas from other nations and increasing drilling in America. Less than 10-percent of the oil consumed by the U.S. is from Russia.

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