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COVID-19 State of Emergency Lifted

(Indianapolis, IN) - Two years ago this Sunday, a public health emergency was officially declared in Indiana for a coronavirus known as COVID-19 that was sweeping the country.


On Thursday evening, that state of emergency came to an end, with Governor Eric Holcomb signing an executive order rescinding the status.


Among the reasons for the decision, Holcomb listed the steep decline in COVID cases, along with the fact that 56% of eligible Hoosiers--3.5 million people-- have been vaccinated.


The order coincided with a bill, which Holcomb also signed, that limits vaccine mandates by private employers. It also ensures that the state may continue receiving $40 million per month in enhanced Medicaid funding and $95 monthly payments in federal food assistance for 200,000 Hoosiers. Temporary licensing of healthcare workers was also extended to the end of March.

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