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Committee Passes Ban on Transgender Athletes

(Indianapolis, IN) - A controversial bill to ban transgender girls from playing girls' sports in school in Indiana appears on its way to becoming law.


The Senate Education Committee passed House Bill 1041 Wednesday 8-3 along party lines. The bill moves next to the Senate floor.


Last week, lawmakers heard hours of testimony from individuals on both sides of the bill.


Supporters are concerned about what impact the participation of transgender girls may have on girls' sports. They say transgender girls may have unfair physical advantages, making it harder for other girls to compete on an even playing field.


Opponents said there are already transgender kids playing school sports, and they questioned whether transgender girls have an unfair physical advantage. They also claimed the legislation would threaten the mental health of transgender kids, many of whom already struggle to fit in and feel accepted.


Currently, in this bill, transgender males born female will still be allowed to compete under this bill in male sporting events. 


Representative Jim Pressel voted for the bill in the House, while Representatives Pat Boy and Ryan Dvorak voted against it. 

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