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Patience Tested in Purdue Extension Talks

(La Porte County, IN) - Talks are still occurring to try and reach a settlement between La Porte County officials and members of Purdue Extension.


Many 4-H volunteers in La Porte County left several months ago because of changes related to 4-H that Purdue Extension wanted to implement. Changing the make-up of the local Purdue Extension Board is one of the proposed changes.


La Porte County Commissioner Rich Mrozinski said Purdue Extension made some promises a few months ago to try and bring both sides together. However, Mrozinski said no tangible action had been taken, and he’s tired of waiting.


“I don’t have any problem with the way the board was before. We need to get down to where the rubber meets the road on this,” Mrozinski said.

An estimated one-third of the volunteers quit or felt forced to leave over a new style of leadership they described as “heavy-handed.” Some former 4-H volunteers expressed a belief that some 4-H programs would be eliminated.


Local officials involved in the negotiations fear not having enough volunteers unless Purdue Extension backs away from its intentions and appoints new leadership better able to relate with the volunteers.

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