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Crows Resurface as a Major Problem

(La Porte, IN) - Crows in huge numbers, mostly at night outside the courthouse downtown, is a significant problem once again.


The birds left for several months after a noise-making device only crows could hear appeared to be working to keep them away. 


However, La Porte County Commissioner Joe Haney said they’re back for whatever reason and leaving their mark on courthouse windows and other surroundings. During Wednesday’s Commissioners meeting, Haney said he would like to address the problem successfully again.


“It is a really bad situation around the courthouse. If you look at the windows all around the courthouse, virtually every single side there is bird feces. Something has to be done because it’s a health and safety issue,” Haney said.

Haney said dead crows are also being found on the courthouse lawn. Two dead crows had been found on Tuesday. 


Commissioner Rich Mrozinski, who’s often been called names by Haney during more than 12 months of ongoing political feuding, used the issue to make Haney look silly.


Mrozinski said Haney asked the maintenance department to power wash the crow-dropping coated sidewalk between the courthouse and county complex in below-freezing weather. Mrozinski said the water would freeze and potentially cause pedestrians to slip and fall.


“Now you got somebody walking in and out of there to do business. They slip and fall down and break their head open. Now, the county is being sued, and we will be dead in the wrong on that one for doing something stupid. Thank God the maintenance department told Mr. Haney that’s a stupid idea and we’re not going to do it,” Mrozinski said.

Typically, the crows fly in at dusk and then roost in the trees at night and fly away after sunrise.


Crows congregating outside the courthouse has been a longstanding on-again, off-again problem.

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