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Michigan City Tackling Gun Use

(Michigan City, IN) - Gun violence has been declared a public health crisis in Michigan City.


The city council this week made the declaration and decided to form a committee to address the matter. The committee will include representatives from the police department, schools, and mental health professionals to try and come up with solutions.


Councilman and former Michigan City Police Chief Gene Simmons said parents need to be part of the effort to curb gun use.


“A lot of these young kids running around Michigan City with guns, you follow them home and their parents know what they’re doing. They need to be part of the solution because there’s more young kids here in this community this guns than there’s ever been and if you don’t believe it then you’re just fooling yourself,” Simmons said.

Councilman Michael Mack said he would like to see a significant investment in creating programs reaching out to youth to keep them from turning to guns and get them to stop if they're already into firearms. 


“Every year we got a new crop of eighth-graders coming out every single year.  We need to catch them or let them fly at the whim of whatever family situation they were born into not too long ago.  I’m very glad we’re having this discussion,” Mack said.

An increase in gun violence nationwide was also cited in the decision.

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