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Family Feud Leads to Charges

(Rolling Prairie, IN) - La Porte County Police had to use a taser gun and handcuffs following a fight between two brothers early on Thursday.


Just before 1 p.m., officers responded to a disturbance report involving a knife in the 100 block of North Depot Street in Rolling Prairie. Responding officers stopped a vehicle leaving the residence and a passenger in the vehicle, Ian Wurster, became combative. 


Eventually, the 34-year old Wurster, after becoming more aggressive with his behavior, had to be tasered for him to start complying with the demands of officers.


According to police, early investigation findings revealed tensions between Wurster and his older brother and two women in the home, resulting in a fight. The suspect’s older brother sustained just mild injuries and turned down a request for medical attention. The friction appeared to be over the younger Wurster and his girlfriend recently moving in and having a history of drug use. 


Ian Wurster is charged with Level 6 Felony battery and Class A Misdemeanor Resisting Law Enforcement.

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