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Democrats Appeal to "Angry, Self Righteous" Leaders

(La Porte, IN) - The local democrat party is calling on LaPorte County Auditor Tim Stabosz and County Commissioner Joe Haney to give up membership in what it called the "Angry, Self-Righteous Caucus."


The party also called on the elected officials to join "Bipartisan Problem Solvers" like County Commissioner Sheila Matias and County Commissioner Rich Mrozinski. LaPorte County Democrat Party spokesman Corey Campbell said Matias and Mrozinski are getting things done for LaPorte County rather than using taxpayer-funded public office to settle "personal or political scores."

Campbell said a prime example of government waste is when Stabosz demanded the Sheriff's Office test an envelope containing a rubber snake for fingerprints to try and find evidence of who left the snake outside his office door. Surveillance video later revealed it was Mrozinski who placed the snake. Campbell said Haney going on "an anger-fueled rant" about the "little green snake" at the last commissioners' meeting "just takes the cake."


"They need to get off their high horses and learn how to work across the aisle to get things done, just like their predecessors," Campbell said. 

Haney replaced Kora, and Stabosz is in the seat vacated by Winski, who was elected county treasurer.


"Neither Stabosz nor Haney have any accomplishments to show for all their anger, manufactured controversies, and name-calling this year. Nothing,"  Campbell said. 

By contrast, Campbell cited Matias with proposing and implementing the eviction rental assistance program to help those hurting from the pandemic, pushing broadband expansion and playing a pivotal role in job creation efforts. 


Campbell also said Mrozinski, a decorated war veteran, implemented a change along with Congressman Frank Mrvan (D-1st District) that makes it easier for veterans all across the country to get mental health services by one push of a button. 


"Matias and Mrozinski have worked across the aisle to get things done," he said. 

Campbell also said local residents are sick of Stabosz and Haney making repeated claims of corruption in county government with nothing to back it up. Campbell said a Republican Judge from Elkhart County hearing the defamation case filed by the County Attorney confirmed that Stabosz has not presented one fact to back up his claims against Friedman. 


"It's long past time these two put up or shut up as Councilman Yagelski urged them eight months ago.  Get down to doing the people's work and stop this insane, angry name-calling at EVERY meeting," he said.

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