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Dermody Beats Parry in Kettle Contest

(La Porte, IN) - La Porte Mayor Tom Dermody defended his bell-ringing title by raising more money in his Salvation Army kettle than Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry.


Dermody and members of his administration had $6,044 in their kettle outside Kroger, where they rang the bell Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. $3,128 was dropped into the kettle that Parry and his helpers from City Hall volunteered at Al’s Supermarket on Franklin Street from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“We came into this expecting victory and, so, we’re excited to see that we won,” Dermody said.

Dermody still came out on top despite his total being far less than the over $12,000 slipped into his kettle last year.  His goal this year was $15,000.


“While we did not get $15,000, we did just over $6,000 which was amazing. It will make a difference for those who need it,” Dermody said.               

Parry exceeded his over $2,400 total from last year. Dermody and Parry were busy manning kettles then leaving to conduct work-related business while helpers took over until they returned.


One of Dermody’s team highlights was four-year-old Kane Glanders of LaPorte dropping a $10 bill given to him by his mother into their kettle.


“We’re happy to help those in need around LaPorte,” said his mother, Brandi, who was giggling and smiling with the bell ringers when her bundled-up son walked up to the kettle.


For Parry’s team, big moments included a line of a half dozen people with shopping carts waiting to give when they first started ringing the bell. After that, there was a steady stream of donors, including some depositing larger bills, the rest of the day.


“There’s been quite a bit of fives, tens, and twenties going inside the bucket,” said Chris Yagelski, administrative assistant for Mayor Parry.

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