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Alcohol Detours Traveler to Jail

(La Porte County, IN) - A woman trying to drive to Indianapolis with a Bloody Mary practically flowing through her veins took a detour to the La Porte County Jail.


Police said her blood-alcohol level was nearly five times the legal limit, explaining why she ended up in a ditch near Westville. 32-year-old Brooke Bolen went off the road Sunday afternoon at U.S. 421 and Indiana Toll Road. She told police she was driving from her boyfriend’s house to her residence in Indianapolis.


Some people would have passed out or even died from alcohol poisoning had they drank as much as she allegedly consumed, suggesting she had a high tolerance for alcohol. Police said the woman could walk, though she swayed a bit and nearly fell during a road test to verify their suspicions that she was intoxicated.


In her glove box was not hot coffee but, instead, a slightly more than 12 ounce nearly empty bottle of vodka. Officers brought her to Northwest Health for a blood test revealing a blood alcohol level of .395-percent.

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