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Local Official Witnesses Morning Launch

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -  La Porte County Commissioner Rich Mrozinski is on vacation in Florida and watched this morning’s Atlas V launch into space early Tuesday morning.


Mrozinski was 18 miles from where the launch occurred, but his condo overlooking the ocean was almost like having a box seat for the event, particularly since it was dark for the launch.


The image to the right is from a video captured by Mrozinski of the rocket carrying the satellite heading toward space. 

“It really lights up the whole ocean and the flame coming off the back of the rocket is probably twice as long as the rocket.  It’s really amazing,” Mrozinski said.

Mrozinski said the building his condo is in also shook despite being 18 miles from the launching pad because of the amount of thrust produced by the rocket carrying the satellite into orbit.


After returning from the Vietnam War, Mrozinski had a role to play with the launch of Apollo 16. He deciphered where incoming messages should be delivered and ensured those messages were relayed to the recipients.

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