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Snowman Victimized by a Grinch

(La Crosse, IN) - La Porte County Police are trying to find a Grinch who cut the life support on a snowman. An officer on Tuesday was dispatched to a home in La Crosse.   


A man told police he added a five-foot-tall lighted snowman this year to the Christmas decorations in his yard, but the following night he discovered the snowman was in the dark. The snowman's power cord had been cut. Police said an officer inspected the line, and it looked like it was cut on purpose with a tool. 


Fortunately, there's a happy ending to the story. The snowman lit back up after the man could repair the sliced cord successfully.


According to police, the victim plans to install cameras to catch the Grinch if he happens to vandalize his Christmas decorations again.

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