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More Details in Bank Robbery

(Michigan City, IN) - A bank in Michigan City was robbed Monday for the second time in two months.  A customer at the bank witnessing the hold-up helped police quickly close in on the fleeing suspect and make the arrest.


The robbery occurred at about 10 a.m. at Horizon Bank at 5th and Franklin Streets on the city’s north end. Paul Farkas, 52, of Hobart, is charged with Level 5 Felony Robbery. 


Mike Hess of Hess Irrigation said he went inside the bank to cash a check when he saw a visibly upset teller speaking to a man he thought was a customer. Hess said he didn’t suspect a robbery occurred until the teller became more frantic and placed her hands up in the air.


Hess, who lives in Michigan City, said he then approached other employees inside the bank about what was happening, but they remained silent. “Everybody was just dead stone quiet,” he said.


A few seconds later, Hess said the man walked out of the bank with a bag, and he called 911 before following the suspect on foot. Hess said he stayed about 90 feet behind the suspect as he veered down an alley while keeping the 911 dispatcher communicating with police updated on their location.


“He never tried to run or anything like that,” he said.


The man was soon taken into custody at gunpoint about two blocks away outside Flanigan Tire at 6th and Washington streets.  Police said evidence from the robbery was also discovered.  The same Horizon Bank branch was robbed on September 30.


Police said there had been no arrest for that hold-up which remains under investigation.

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