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Mayor Wants Office Worker Disciplined

(Michigan City, IN) - Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry hopes disciplinary action can be taken against an employee at City Hall who allegedly overstepped her authority.


Parry said that when he was about to stamp a veto on the salary increases approved by the city council spelling out the pay increases, Deputy Clerk Dawn Debald grabbed the paperwork from him. The mayor said he asked her repeatedly to give back the papers, but she refused, saying only “you’re not stamping these documents.”


“I challenged her actions twice, demanding to know by what authority she took that action.  I received no answer,” Parry said.

Parry said he has no authority to discipline her since she works for Clerk Gale Neulieb. However, Parry said he’s trying to find out if there is a way to seek disciplinary action against Debald for interfering with his authority.


In a letter to the city council, Parry said, “Ms. Debald’s insubordination is unacceptable and should be addressed.”


Parry said more concerning, perhaps, is the documents were pulled from him on October 29 but later that day was dated stamped November 1 by the deputy clerk.


“What Ms. Debald did makes me wonder how many other official government documents have been filed by the Clerk’s Office with incorrect false dates and how long this has been going on,” Parry said in his letter to the city council.

Neulieb briefly addressed the situation in a letter to the city council.


“A simple call or email to the Clerk’s Office could have resolved a simple matter. We have discussed the matter and there will be no further action,” she said.

The salary increases were still vetoed because a veto is automatic whenever the mayor fails to take such action in 10 days.


Parry said he was on time but officially recorded as late because the documents were pulled from him and given the November 1 date stamp. The council later overrode the automatic veto to provide the mayor with a $500 pay increase.


Initially, Parry sought a nearly 50-percent increase in his close to $80,000 salary but later asked the city council for no increase in pay.

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