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Child Finds Loaded Gun in Public Bathroom

(Wanatah, IN) - A child discovered a loaded handgun in a LaPorte County fast food bathroom.


Last Sunday before noon, Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Burger King on US 30 in Wanatah. The Assistant Manager told police a 10-year-old had found a weapon in a bathroom stall. The handgun was identified as a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, which was loaded with eight rounds.


Police traced the gun to a 60-year-old man from Jackson City, IL. The man told police that the gun fell from his pants when he sat down, so he placed it on the toilet paper dispenser and forgot it.


According to police, the man said he was a combat veteran and acknowledged his terrible mistake. He made arrangements for his adult son to retrieve the gun for him from the Sheriff’s Department.

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