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Community Center Envisioned

(Michigan City, IN) - An effort is being made to provide another healthy environment for people in Michigan City.


At this week’s Michigan City Common Council meeting, Council President Michael Mack reported he’d been involved in talks related to developing a community center and athletic fieldhouse. Mack said it would offer things like athletic equipment for people to use and a swimming pool.


Right now, Mack said there is no such facility, and the schools can’t do it all in terms of developing young minds.


“I’m a true believer that structures and environments need to be built in Michigan City and create learning opportunities. That’s what we’re missing,” Mack explained.

Mack said such a facility would be costly to create but one that’s worth it.


“Everybody has a school but we do not have these structures in our environments that are there in the winter and the summer that allows impressionable young minds that might have different types of backgrounds to connect with quality adults daily, every day, and other communities have them,” Mack said.

He plans to request approval from the city council at some point in the future.


“This is the time for us to begin to think about that. So, I will be bringing that as soon as the cake is baked, so to speak,” according to Mack.

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