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Store Reopens After Crash

(MICHIGAN CITY, IN) - Things were pretty much back to normal Tuesday at a Michigan City store where a 90-year old driver crashed into the building.


Advanced Auto Parts on U.S. 20 temporarily closed after a car went through the front glass doors in the late morning on Monday. The floor was littered with bottles of oil and other products from shelves knocked over by the vehicle.


Store worker Adrienne Laskoske said she was at the front counter and saw the vehicle coming toward the front doors and bust through the glass. The car stopped about 15 feet from her and several customers.


"We were all shaken up a little bit," Laskoske said.

According to the police, there were no injuries.


The driver, Hoit Miller, went off the road and traveled at an unsafe speed toward the building. The Michigan City man told investigators he tried stopping his 2008 Honda, but the collision happened faster than he could react. Miller said he did not remember what happened. 


Laskoske said the driver climbed out of the car and sat down on a chair until emergency responders arrived. He later called someone to pick him up and take him home.


Store manager Bill Keck said the business reopened Tuesday with plywood in the front doors and the mess cleaned up. However, Keck said it could be a month before the doors have window panes again.


“It has to be special ordered,” Keck said.

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