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Clock Ticking on Local Landmark

(Westville, IN) - It appears time is running out on a piece of history in Westville.


A contract has been approved to tear down the old steel water tower, which went up in 1928. The cost of demolition is close to $29,000. However, some people attached to the tower are not too happy about removing the tank and instead believe it's worth repainting at the cost of over $200,000. 


Town Councilman Mike Albert said he grew up in Westville and has sentiments about the vintage-looking water tower. However, the councilman believes that more than $200,000 is a lot of money for something that no longer serves a useful purpose.


Albert said the cost of future additional maintenance was also considered in the decision.


“It is a landmark, yes. Financially, it’s cost-prohibitive to keep it,” Albert claims.

Albert said it’d been several years since the old water tower had been used. The town is now served by a much newer and larger tank installed when the water treatment facility was built nearly 20-years ago. Albert said the tower should begin coming down in about six weeks.

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