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Doctor Treating COVID Points to Social Media "Morons"

(La Porte County, IN) - COVID-19, locally, is still surging like in many parts of the country, and medical experts again blame perpetuated falsehoods shared through social media regarding the vaccines. 


Fifteen people were hospitalized today with the virus at Franciscan Health outside Michigan City, said Dr. Vidya Kora. Kora, who has COVID-19 patients at the hospital, said one individual in the Intensive Care Unit with the virus is on a ventilator.


Two other infected people at the hospital are receiving hefty amounts of oxygen to help with their breathing. However, Kora said a full recovery is not a guarantee for any patient and wants the unvaccinated to strongly consider how they are gambling with their futures.


“With risks like that which people are taking by not getting vaccinated, it is unbelievable," Kora said.

He also strongly advised people to turn to trusted sources instead of social media in deciding whether to get protection.


"I think people should use common sense. I think they need to look at facts and they need to think for themselves rather than relying on misinformation from some morons on Facebook,” Kora said.

Kora said the use of the word “morons” reflects his feelings from seeing the negative outcome for people refusing to take the vaccine, which is safe and effective.


“I see people struggle and they’re unable to breathe because their lungs are so badly damaged. It’s so very sad,” he said.


Kora said the most seriously ill patients today are in their 50’s, 60’s and 80’s.

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