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Judge Puts Unemployment Benefits Back in Play

(Indianapolis, IN) - Federal unemployment benefits that expired in Indiana in June are now back on the table. 


On Friday a Marion County judge found in favor of two groups representing unemployed Hoosiers who filed suit against the state.  The ruling suggests that the state’s rejection of federal unemployment benefits violates state law.


The governor’s office issued a statement Friday night:  "The state of Indiana took the appropriate steps to terminate its participation in [the] federal pandemic unemployment program.  The agreement ended on June 19.  The Governor and Department of Workforce Development will discuss an immediate appeal of the judge’s order with the Attorney General.”


At stake are benefits like the extra $300 weekly add-on and support for workers not usually covered by unemployment, such as the self-employed.  When and how those CARES Act benefits will kick back in for Hoosiers may depend on how quickly the state's appeals process goes.


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