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Crows Fleeing Linked to Noise Maker

(La Porte, IN) - It looks like crows and the mess they leave behind at the courthouse in La Porte might be a thing of the past.


Crows used to gather seemingly by the thousands every night before flying back out during the day.  However, the crows have not congregated at the courthouse since April when a device producing sound waves was installed in the bell tower of the courthouse.


Larry Levandowski, Director of Facilities for La Porte County government, said humans cannot hear the sound waves but crows do and they flee because of the disruption.  "Once they hear it a few times they stop coming back to those areas. We’ve been able to keep the crows from cohabitating in the trees and stuff in that area,” he said.


Levandowski said the device has not been taken down.  It’s going to stay up to prevent chances of the crows coming back, he said.  “if they decide to come back we want to make sure we’re all set up for hit and we don’t have this problem again in the future,” he said.


The action was taken in response to complaints about the courthouse and sidewalks being coated with crow waste.

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