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Trump Supporter Running for Congress

(New Buffalo, MI) - A New Buffalo man wants to help keep alive the Make America Great Again movement started by former President Donald Trump. 


Berrien County Commissioner Ezra Scott told supporters defeating longtime incumbent Congressman Fred Upton in the 2022 republican primary won’t be easy.  He said Upton is part of a machine with deep pockets of campaign money from lobbyists but hopes his grass roots message of government for the people will resonate with enough voters to put him over the top.  “If I’m elected, the first lobbyist that walks into my office with money I’m just throwing their ass out of the office.  I can’t be bought,” he said. 


More than a dozen supporters turned out for his June 5 presentation outside New Buffalo Township Hall.  Scott said he’s pro-life, keeping God at the forefront in the nation, preserving the U.S. Constitution and supports border security.


He said democrats are allowing illegal aliens into the country from Mexico for votes instead of following the long established process for achieving citizenship.  “Let them come in like our forefathers, the correct way,” Scott said.


Scott also said Social Security is in trouble because it keeps getting dipped into by uncaring politicians but would fixed if lucrative benefits from serving in Congress were replaced strictly with pay outs from Social Security.


He also sounded alarm bells on what he believes are steps presently being followed toward communism.  Scott said the symptoms include making people more dependent on government to meet their needs in areas like health care, food and housing.  Other warning signs include the push for gun control and removing belief in God from government.  "People don’t take your eye off the ball.  This is what’s happening,” he said.


Scott said he agrees with the policies of Trump but wishes he would have taken a different approach to get his points across.  He said Trump from being a man of the people in The White House ”had it right” but is paying for it by an establishment doing all it can to make sure he doesn’t run again.  Scott said targeting Trump is also a way for the ruling class from both parties out for themselves to tell the public “how dare you people elect someone that’s not one of us.”


He also said there are too many politicians who are not public servants and one way to tell is the salary for a member of Congress pales in comparison to the millions of dollars spent on their campaigns.  “It’s a swamp of people who are there for the money,” Scott said.


His other upcoming campaign stops include Lehman’s Orchard Brewery and Farmhouse at 204 N. Red Bud Trail in Buchanan.  Scott will be there as one of the speakers at a June 27 program called “The 2020 Election: A Loss of Public Trust & What To Do About It.”  The program hosted by the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

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