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Compromise Over Pride Flags at School

(Chesterton, IN) - A middle ground is being reached over the pride flag once hanging in a Chesterton school.  Rainbow flags in three classrooms at the middle school were taken down in response to complaints from parents and students with personal and political differences with the message they felt the flags conveyed. 


According to school officials, the order was issued because the flags had nothing to do with the curriculum in those classrooms and were a source of disruption in the learning environment.  Flag supporters said the flags were a way of letting LGBTQ students know who they could turn to for help and provided a sense of belonging.


Duneland Schools Superintendent Chad Petitt said a diversity and inclusion club was created to provide an area for students to feel included, safe and make friends.  Other things are being done such as more promotion about diversity and a tip line for administrators to learn about concerns. 


Meaghan Bailey, an advocate for the LGBTQ community, said she feels the school district is heading in the right direction but feels the flags should be allowed to go back up.

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