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Vacation Rental Cap to be Decided

(New Buffalo, MI) - The City of New Buffalo could take a lighter approach in addressing complaints about short term rental homes.


A cap of 65 vacation homes in the city has been discussed as a possibility for reasons like neighborhood unrest caused by guests hosting large parties.


The New Buffalo Planning Commission this week voted not to impose the proposed cap.


The final decision is still up to the city council, which placed a temporary moratorium on short term rental homes last year.


William Lenga, a vacation home owner, told the Planning Commission such limits could cut into the city’s tourist and second home driven economy.


“This is the Michigan advantage for tourism. The chance to live as a local first on vacation then as a second home owner and then as a full time resident,” he said.,


The city council is also examining tougher regulations and stricter enforcement as other methods to control neighborhood disruption from vacation rentals. 


Some officials believe too many newly constructed and primary homes are becoming vacation rentals which leaves fewer residences available to people with families and outprices them out of the market. 


The city council could vote on extending the temporary cap now in place before the end of the month.

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