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Call for GOP Leader to Resign

(La Porte County, IN) - There’s friction among Republicans locally.  LaPorte County Republican Party Chairman Mitch Feikes is being asked to resign.


The request is from Spencer England, a Vice Precinct Committeeman for the local GOP from La Porte.  He says Feikes was critical of President Trump before he left office and, recently, expressed a desire for Trump to no longer be the party's face.


England says a party leader should support all members of the party. Mitch Feikes “He can have his individual feelings and concerns.  That’s fine.  We all, as Americans, are entitled to that. What you’re not entitled to is to degrade or talk down about someone within the party. I think Ronald Reagan put that off pretty well as the 11th commandment.  Thou shall not speak ill about a fellow Republican,” he said.


England also accused Feikes of being a RINO, which means a Republican In Name Only.


In response, Feikes said he supported many of Trump’s policies like border security but disliked how they were carried out sometimes. Feikes said he, at times, didn’t prefer how Trump spoke and how he reacted after his defeat in the election.


Feikes also said what current President Joe Biden is doing in many cases is horrible.  “I think I’m more Republican than most people.  I think I understand what the party supports and what republican ideals are.  I think a President should be Presidential, and even though Biden may look presidential, his policies are completely wrong.  I disagree with many of them,” Feikes said.


Feikes is not running for party chairman after serving as leader of the local GOP for three years. A new Republican Party chairperson will be selected on March 6.

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