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Wallen Cancelled But Still Topping Charts

(Nashville, TN) - For those believing and supporting the "Cancel Culture" movement in American, the recent news of country music star Morgan Wallen being "cancelled" for a racial slur has fueled their interests in the artist.  His music remains at the top of the charts, despite the controversary.


According to Billboard, his latest album is number one for the fifth straight week.  In addition, an album he released in 2018 has risen from No. 17 to No. 10 on the Billboard charts.  Currently, he still has eight songs in the top 100.


His success in the charts continues despite many radio stations pulling his music and concerts cancelled because of the racial slur he uttered in a video taken outside his Nashville home.  His recorded contract has also been temporarily suspended. 


Mark Smith of Fish Lake likes his music and believes Morgan Wallen’s staying power is from publicity on him being cancelled.  “As long as somebody is dropping and bringing the name up that a wrong has been done and they’re going to take him off the radio station or the TV station or cancel a concert that’s going to make people be way more interested in him and they’re going to go out and buy more CD’s or download more albums and music.  I think it’s actually a win, win for him in this case,” he said.


Wallen was scheduled to perform during the La Porte County Fair this year but the concert was cancelled this week over the controversary. 

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